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Geowise continues project planning for European Space Agency

Geowise continues planning new projects for the European Space Agency’s (ESA) ARTES programs. These projects aim to promote Finland’s industrial business by exploiting space data and creating an internationally viable service.  Companies that are able to implement existing technologies and value-adding space data can apply to ARTES programs via Geowise.

In March, Geowise signed the ESA to a two-year contract extension for new project innovations in ARTES 20 IAP (Integrated Application Promotion) program. Geowise is looking for companies that have expertise in Finnish space activities within Finland’s national strategy or suitable Tekes strategic research areas such as intelligent transportation and industrial internet.

Geowise focuses particularly on Finnish industry to support ideas and construct new ARTES application projects within the ESA. ARTES projects are designed to find new growing businesses in which space data adds value. The objective of the project is to create internationally viable services.

IAP projects integrate at least two space components in navigation, satellite communications and remote sensing to existing systems. IAP projects can be either the preliminary or demo projects and are always aimed for operational activities. Funding is typically 50% of the direct negotiation procedure.

“We are involved in the ARTES 20 IAP project, where the goal is to improve power grid planning, resolve problems and speed up maintenance of a situation, for example after a storm. We use satellite monitoring and GPS systems”, explains Tero Heinonen, Sharper Shape Ltd’s inclusion in the project.

Satellite data utilization in the industry is still limited, although it already shows interest in the utilization of space data. While the current fieldwork acquired environmental data is accurate, their costs are significantly higher than using satellite data.

In the future, we have to think about how accurate environmental data should be? The phrase ‘no steps in the forests’ reflects well the direction in which we should strive by satellite data utilization.” says Miranda Saarentaus, from Geowise.

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