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Geowise participates in development of EU border controls

Geowise is assisting the Finnish Border Guard to define the technical requirements for the video surveillance EWISA project, from September 2014 to June 2018. The project is aiming to develop intelligent video surveillance and border control requirements.

The Finnish Border Guard is developing and evaluating new technologies for border control needs in cooperation with Romania, Spain and the Greek authorities in a project which is partly funded by the European Commission. The coordinator of the EWISA project is the Romanian Border Police. Geowise will be the expert of network-based video analysis for defining the technical and operational specifications for the project.

Early Warning for Increased Situational Awareness project (EWISA) is funded by the European Commission and it aims to increase the effectiveness of present and near future video surveillance systems. The solutions will be tested in an environment corresponding to reality. Geowise’s role in this project is to assist the Finnish Border Guard to define the specifications for the next generation video surveillance system for land borders.

“The European Border Guards have experience and expertise in the practical control tasks. Geowise helps us to define the technical and functional requirements for network-oriented video analysis”, describes Major Janne Kurvinen of Finnish Border Guard, who is responsible for the first part of the project.

The prime objective is to increase video surveillance intelligence and usability as part of the monitoring and situational awareness systems. The first phase defines the functional and technical requirements of network-oriented modular video analysis solution. In the second phase, different companies will be participating to develop solutions that meet the specified performance requirements of the first phase.

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