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High Capacity Satellites – ViaSat HCS App Factory (Feb. 10, 2016) event overview

‘High Capacity Satellites – ViaSat HCS App Factory’ event took place at Tekes Auditorium in Helsinki on 10th of February 2016. The event was organised by Tekes, assisted by Geowise Ltd, on invitation only, with 25 participating companies. The main goal was to introduce ViaSat HCS App Factory for the Finnish industry to develop new innovative products, services and applications.

The event started at 9:00 with welcoming words from Antti Tyrväinen. Tyrväinen, responsible for the ESA ARTES programmes in Tekes, brought up the possibility for the industry to develop new satcom integrated applications with financial support from Tekes/ESA.

Stefano Vaccaro, ViaSat Switzerland, gave the first presentation and started with an overview of ViaSat as a company. He highlighted the communication systems with broadband internet and its use everywhere in the near future. GEO satellites focuses today on providing internet.

The next speaker, Ferdinando Tiezzi, ViaSat Switzerland, gave a more detailed technical in-sight in the HCS App Factory and its framework with ESA. He also pointed out the support and help ViaSat Switzerland will give building applications for customers.

The following two speakers represented users from aviation and maritime, Jouni Oksanen, Finnair, and Henrik Dahl, Eniram. Their presentations gave an excellent overview of today & future needs.

The event concluded with Francesco Feliciani, ESA, who gave a brief presentation on the opportunities for satcom applications in ESA.

If you are interested in presentations, please contact Miranda Saarentaus

Lunch was followed by 7 bilateral meetings between companies and ViaSat. The event and the meetings were well received and an interest for developing satcom applications has continued with few of the companies.