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Three new IAP Intended Tenders – Express your interest!

Three new IAP Intended Tenders – Express your interest!

In 2016, new tenders for fully funded Feasibility Studies are planned for ESA’s Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) Programme. The subjects are Waste ManagementBig Data Applications to boost Preparedness and Response to Migration, and  Integrated applications including in particular the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS–B).

A 4th subject, “Space based services in support of CBRNe operations” has been approved in May 2016 and more information will be available soon.

IAP Feasibility Studies focus on assessing and developing the business case for applications and services based on integration of space assets with existing assets for targeted customers and market segments.  ESA IAP offers the opportunity to validate cases which are considered technically feasible and economically viable through an IAP Demonstration Project.

The tenders will be launched only after having received an adequate number of indications of interest from businesses and organisations residing in the ESA Member States which participate to this programme. Therefore, any business or organisation interested in the presented topics is invited to express their interest through the form on the bottom of following page.

Read more & express your interest:

For more information about ESA IAP activities in Finland, contact Miranda Saarentaus