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Novel Internet Of Things Services Using Space Capabilities

ESA Invitation to Tender 8852 (SPACE BASED SERVICE INTEGRATING ” INTERNET OF THINGS “) has been issued.

Open date 19/01/2017 –  Closing date 13/04/2017 13:00

Objective of this Feasibility Study is to identify and investigate those applications and deployment opportunities of IoT/M2M solutions that can benefit from capabilities enabled through Satellite Communication, Satellite Navigation, Earth Observation, Human Spaceflight, and other space assets.

Internet of Things (IoT or M2M) solutions are already employed in many parts of daily life, ranging from human-centred applications related to health and fitness, home-automation and security, smart cities and transportation, connected cars and other vehicles, to retail, production and industrial work environments of all industries. However, the number of deployed services and systems making use of the IoT/M2M is considered to be still comparably small and in its early growth stages. It isexpected that space technologies will play an important role in IoT/M2M based services.  Read more from ARTES>>

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