The increase of integrated ICT systems, navigation, telecommunication, earth observation, open source data, urbanisation, environmental monitoring technologies etc. has brought up unexplored market opportunities with huge potentials for the industry at large.

European Space Agency’s (ESA’s) Business Applications transforms research and development activities into profitable and self-sustainable applications and services. The applications utilize data from existing space assets, such as Satellite Communication, Earth Observation, Satellite Navigation and Human Spaceflight technologies, in combination with terrestrial services. These applications cover Feasibility Studies and Demonstration Projects. Any organization can propose to develop a new commercially promising space-based application or service.

To support the upcoming of new space applications ESA has established a network of ambassadors in several European countries. In Finland Geowise is hosting the ESA Business Applications Ambassador Platform (APFin). APFin is working in partnership with European Space Agency (ESA) and Business Finland.

Ambassador Platform Finland activities

  • Increase awareness about the potential added-value of space technologies
  • Stimulate the emergence of new ideas and services
  • Motivate companies to submit viable proposals
  • Be an ‘honest broker’ between ESA and Finnish stakeholders (e.g., ‘spacetech’ companies, solution/service providers, customers, user communities)
  • Advise and support companies in the ESA process steps


To submit a proposal a support letter from National Delegation (Business Finland) is needed.

For more information and to assist you, please contact Miranda Saarentaus, tel. +358 40 747 8822.

Project examples

Feasibility studies

SAMBA Finnish Meteorological Institute (prime)  

ISABELIA VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (prime)

CAESAR  VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (prime)

LeCross VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd (prime)

BALMON SSF Space Systems Finland Ltd (prime)

ASSIST WRM Finnish Meteorological Institute (subcontractor)

HV-SATPROTEC  Fingrid Oyj (subcontractor)

SharperSat Sharper Shape Ltd (prime)

PalmOilVision Mosaic Mill Oy and Rikola Ltd (subcontractors)

WONDER Sitowise Oy (prime)

Shrub Mapping Satellio Oy (prime)

MSW Service Isaware Oy (prime)

Demonstration projects

IceCast Navidium Oyj (prime)

(Registered service: IceTrails)

ARTES C&G projects

POINTSAT Delta Cygni Labs Ltd (prime)