Geowise is an expert firm benefiting from decades of consulting and business expertise from several verticals. Challenging old-fashioned operation modes, we provide a new standard of cost-efficiency and quality to our clients.

Geowise’s core function is assisting Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in taking their businesses to the next level. Our coaching and internationalisation processes can be tailored to match any company’s individual needs.

We focus our high quality consulting services on Space and Environmental Technologies, Geospatial, Safety, Security and Defence.

Geowise has a broad expertise covering traditional geospatial data processing, remote sensing, navigation techniques and a creditable experience in security consulting.

Our expertise is complemented with our large and active international partner network. Working in collaboration with governmental and industrial actors as well as the academic community, we are able to deliver cutting edge information to our clients.


Geowise offers high-quality, goal-oriented project coordination services for project planning, execution, partnering, workshops and commercializing.

Project management requires a wide range of skills and expertise that cannot always be found within the company that created the viable idea. The solution is to hire an external project coordinator to manage the project in a timely and cost-effective manner, while maintaining high quality throughout the project. Geowise has extensive experience in coordinating these projects, allowing the project team of the company to focus on the essentials.

Digital Communications

Presentations, sales pitches, web sites and marketing materials make the first impression of your business. We provide services to support your companies marketing and communications. Make sure that your pitch is perfect and that you communicate the essentials of your company.

The basic rule of a thumb is that you have about six seconds to attract a potential client’s interest towards your product or company.

Events and networking

Geowise organizes events that exceed your expectations and generates networking activities where your customers meet and innovate.


When your company needs a skilled partner, don’t hesitate to contact us!